Top Quality Products

Here at beauteous, we spend a lot of time constantly evaluating new products on the market and choosing only the
best for our cliental. Our Extensions: We use Premium Sable Eyelash which is flexible, soft and very similar to your natural eyelashes. Our Glue: Premium glue has less fumes and doesn't cause irritation to the eyes. Many of our cliental whom have
previously experienced irritation or burning during and after an application, claimed that they didn't feel any discomfort when using our glue. We truly care about the health and safety of your eyes and natural lashes. That is why we don't use the stronger, harsher glue which may last 6 weeks. Our Eyelash Extension Remover: Most salon's Eyelash Extension Remover contains acetone and is very rough on your eyes. Our Eyelash Extension Remover doesn't contain any acetone which helps to avoid problems that may occur around your eyes.


At beauteous, we strive for a clean and relaxing environment for our customers.
After each and every application, soiled tweezers are placed in dis-infecting pouches and new tweezers are used for the next customer.
We use a clean white towel on your pillow and replace it between each and every customer.
The small towel used on your forehead during the application is replaced between each customer as well.
All of our eyelash specialists wear masks so not to breathe any unwanted germs onto our customer's faces.


Continual Skill Checks

All of our Eyelash specialists are always required to continually improve and maintain their current skill level.
We constantly check their application procedure, speed and overall finish quality.
Those that supervise the skill level of all our other specialists, are experienced estheticians and / or eyelash specialist teachers at renowned Eyelash Extension beauty schools.



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