What are Individual Eyelash Extensions?

The Individual Eyelash Extension is a single lash that is applied one by one onto your natural lashes. We don't apply the glue directly onto your skin but about 2mm down onto your natural eyelashes thereby reducing the risk of any allergic reaction that could occur from the glue.
Individual lashes are lighter and last much longer than their multiple lash counter-parts. End results will vary depending on your length, curl and number of your natural eyelashes as individual lashes only can extend what lashes you naturally already have and cannot be used to fill in any gaps

Before every application, customers will have a one on one consultation with our eyelash specialist where you can pick and choose the look that is best for your type of eyelashes. Choose from 3 different styles, 3 different curls, 15 different lengths and 4 different thicknesses. With so many options, you are sure to find the perfect look for any particular eye shape.

Repair and Touch ups

We highly recommend Repair and Touch ups every three to four weeks to keep your extensions looking beautiful. Here at beauteous, we truly care about the health and safety of your natural lashes. That's why before each and every touch up our certified eyelash specialists perform what we call a repair. This entails a detail cleaning of your natural eyelashes which promotes a healthy hair re-growth cycle. Afterwards, we check each and every one of your individual eyelash extensions and repair any that have wrapped around unnaturally on your eyelash and remove those that are about ready to fall off.
Without a proper repair every time you have a touch up application, overtime your natural eyelashes could become damaged by excess glue from previous applications or pulled out unnaturally from older extensions. This in turn will slow down your hair regrowth cycle leading to the possibility of gaps forming in between your natural eyelashes.

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Your First Appointment

Customer Records Form

Before the consultation, please fill out our customer records form with your general contact information as well as answering a brief questionnaire in order to determine which products and design are best for your particular eyelashes.

15 min counseling session with Eyelash Specialist

Select from 3 different styles, 3 different curls, 15 different lengths and 4 different thicknesses to customize your own unique design.


Eyelash Extensions Application

The application process is a completely painless procedure. Please close your eyes while relaxing to wonderfully soothing music.

After Care Instructions

beauteous will provide an after care card with tips and tricks to help maintain the overall longevity and beauty of your extensions.
Our specialist will advise you on the daily care and whic



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